18:00 – 3D Capture to Performance Analysis : Joseph O’Loughlin (Team Leader – Spatial Technologies/Innovation, SMEC) Synopsis The client value proposition for 3D scanning is not simply bringing efficiencies to existing surveying methods. 3D scanning provides owners with a powerful toolkit to accomplish previously unattainable measurement goals and creates a solid foundation for improved asset information management, laying the groundwork for a holistic BIM approach. 3D scanning creates the foundation for

18:00 – BIM in 3D Land and Property Management : Dr Davood Shojaei (3D Specialist, Land Use Victoria) Synopsis Current 2D land registration systems are not efficient enough to deal with high rises and complex developments. Therefore, 3D digital cadastre is being investigated internationally to enhance the current cadastral systems. Land Use Victoria, the responsible authority for managing land and properties in Victoria, commenced investigating 3D digital cadastre in 2014