MelBIM: Thurs 23rd February - Sponsored by Autodesk

RMIT Melbourne, Bldg 80 (SAB) Swanston St

Lecture Theatre 80.07.01

Thursday 23rd February

Doors Open 5:15PM Event starts 5:45PM

4 Presentations

Industry Leaders Sharing BIM Knowledge

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The February MelBIM Event is Sponsored by:

The MelBIM February event will be hosted at RMIT Swanston Academic Building (SAB), 445 Swanston St, Lecture Theatre 80.07.01. Arrival is from 5:15PM with presentations kicking off at 5:45PM.

Attendance is FREE, drinks and food will be provided but Pre-Event REGISTRATION is Essential. All attendees are required to register prior to the day of the event via the Registration area below. All previous events have booked out in less than a week, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Whether you’re a BIM Manager, Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Facility Manager, Manufacturer, Project Manager or anyone else wanting to learn and share information about BIM, MelBIM events have something for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The MelBIM Committee

Event Sponsor – Autodesk

Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design software for entertainment, natural resources, manufacturing, engineering, construction and civil infrastructure.


Arrive early to enjoy a welcome drink and network with other industry leaders before the presentations and formalities begin. Expect to see high representation from Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Academia and all other forms of BIM industry stakeholders.


Take a seat in our awesome venue for the evening. Make yourself comfy and hear from our fantastic event sponsor

18:00 - BIM4FM at the Sydney Opera House - Chris Needham - BIM Lead at AECOM


The potential BIM promises toward improved Asset Management and Facility Management is widely touted, but rarely in any great detail. This session will focus on the Sydney Opera House, and its BIM+FM Interface project. This is a world-renowned architectural icon, set to benefit from extensive use of multiple data sources integrated with an as-built digital model of the building – all while juggling multiple improvement projects. Hear about the challenges and lessons learned from planning, procurement and implementation of a single web-based portal providing access to a broad range of FM-related data.

Speaker Bio

As a BIM specialist, Chris works with facility owners to implement improved information management systems.  This involves assessment of their operations and maintenance needs, and translating that into effective project requirements –focusing on suitability of Building Information Model geometry, relationships and associated data.  Chris also educates clients using plain language on how implementation of BIM stands to impact their business and project procurement.

Chris has 15 years of construction industry experience, and 10 years of BIM consulting experience.

He has worked on projects in both Australia and the United Kingdom, using his expertise to develop custom systems and processes for numerous offices. He acknowledges that despite developments in technology, altering people’s behaviour is the most crucial and often difficult part of change.

He is Regional Chairman of BILT (formerly Revit Technology Conference – an international event for AEC firms and professionals using BIM in their project delivery), and has served as BIM Management Plans working group chair for the AIA’s BIM/IPD initiative and steering committee member of the AMCA’s BIM-MEPAUS initiative.Social Media


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18:20 - Realtime rendering engines and VR for BIM - Joe Banks - National BIM Manager at Nettleton Tribe

Come and take a short look at what reatime solutions can do to aid your BIM workflows and help you resolve your design, co-ordinate with others and really understand you model in 4 dimensions.

We will be looking at Fuzor VDC and demonstrating how this can change the way we work.

Speaker Bio
Joe has been working in the architectural industry since 2002 and with Revit since version 8 (2005).  During this time he has worked on Revit projects from $50k-$900Million and has been responsible for BIM projects up to LOD 500, 4D and 5D. Additionally he has completed multiple practice Revit implementations and the training of over 200 users.

With a broad range of experience on different types of projects he is always trying to implement new technology to enable higher productivity, and is currently working on 3D printing, VR and real-time graphics engines, real-time collaboration, reality capture using photogrammetry/drone scanning and analytics for architecture.

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18:40 - The Science Of Getting People To Do Something New - Mark Dobson - Live More Business


People are like quirky software programs that respond beautifully to the right commands and horrendously to the wrong ones. In this presentation, Mark will outline his framework and strategies for provoking remarkable performance, alignment and growth with a gamut of personality types.

You will walk away with both a high level understanding of how the ‘people game’ is actually played along with key actions that you can implement in your organization the following day.

Noteworthy is the high return for effort of these strategies. They cost nothing to implement, they go viral in an organization and they will leave you a little speechless that it could be that easy. Seriously.

Speaker Bio

Mark specializes in guiding people from old habits to activities that liberate their ability.

He has advised athletes to medals across three Olympics, three Winter X Games, multiple world championships and to seven world records.

In New York City, he was tasked with establishing the culture in a new university for exceptional talent. So, successful was the project that President Obama acknowledged it for it’s educational innovation and it is now the model for 63 universities created by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

On home soil his clients include corporates such as NAB, FleetPartners, MotorOne and Finstra Finance. Mark guides their senior leaders as they implement significant change, requiring full buy in from their people as the do it.

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19:00 - BIM In Sight: Where is BIM in Education? Panel Discussion - Antony McPhee, Assoc. Prof. Guillermo Aranda-Mena, Chris Houghton, Dr Marcus White

Antony McPheewhite-marcus-150x141px

The final session will be an audience Q and A and panel discussion between Educators, Architects and industry experts about the status of BIM’s involvement in Universities, the opportunities and challenges involved.

To fully engage in this presentation, we recommend you read though the background information for a better understanding of the topic for discussion.

Speaker Bio – Antony McPhee
Antony is an architect and author of the online blog ‘practical BIM’. He is an advocate of  teaching BIM in Universities and is willing to challenge the status quo on current institutional engagement with educating BIM.


Speaker Bio – Guillermo Aranda-Mena
Guillermo is an Associate Professor at RMIT within the Property, Construction and Project Management Department. He has conducted government and industry sponsored research in Architecture and BIM and is a committee member for MelBIM.



Speaker Bio – Chris Houghton
Chris is a BIM Manager with a background in Project Management, Drafting and IT Systems. He has published on Surveying for BIM, presented at Revit Technology Conference and is a committee member for MelBIM.



Speaker Bio – Dr Marcus White
Dr Marcus White is an award winning architect and urban designer, co-director of Harrison and White Pty Ltd and lecturer in digital design in architecture and urban design at the University of Melbourne.




It’s fair to say there’s plenty happening in the BIM community at the moment. We’d like to share with you some information from both home and abroad about upcoming BIM events, industry developments and general musings that may be of interest.

19:30 - Networking: Food and Drinks Thanks to Our Sponsor Autodesk

With the formal part of the evening over, it’s now time to get social. Thanks to our event sponsor, enjoy some complementary ‘BIMbeers’, wine, or soft drink and a casual bite to eat whilst striking up conversation with industry peers and colleagues.


Like they say in the classics, “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”. It’s time to head to your next BIM destination for the evening. Until next time…


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What Can You Expect To See At MelBIM?

What Is MelBIM All About?

MelBIM is a not for profit group based in Melbourne, Australia that seeks to bring together the built environment community of Victoria, to share and exchange thoughts and knowledge relating to technology and innovation across the AEC+FM industry, with a particular focus on BIM.

The primary vehicle for achieving our objectives is the hosting of a bi-monthly event held at RMIT, Swanston Academic Building (SAB), City Campus. MelBIM events are free to attend and include education-based presentations from industry leaders on a wide range of BIM-related subjects.

Attendees of these events are provided a fantastic opportunity to network and engage with other professionals from backgrounds including Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Facility Management, Manufacturing, Planning, Quantity Surveying, Software Development/Vendors, AEC Services, Product Sales / Retail, Education and Government.

Collaborate-ANZ: ‘Affiliate Groups’

MelBIM is a member of Collaborate-ANZ’s ‘Affiliate Groups’. Under the Collaborate-ANZ banner, the Affiliate Groups collaborative aims to facilitate the sharing of information and achievement of mutual objectives between regionalised groups that exist to discuss and promote the virtues of BIM and Design Technology. Collaborate-ANZ also provides a platform for regional issues to be addressed at a national level. As an affiliate member, MelBIM joins the ranks of 11 other groups across Australia and New Zealand.

More information about our involvement can be found on the Collaborate-ANZ website by clicking on the logo below.


The MelBIM Committee

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